“I don’t count hours that much”

Pranay Chulet
PRANAY CHULET – Founder & CEO of Quikr.com

The Job: The thing that I love about my job is that there’s always something surprising. That is also the same thing that I hate about my job.

One of the great things about building a company is that there is a never a dull moment. Each day brings new surprises. Often great ones, and some times of the other kind. Everyday there’s an anecdote waiting to be remembered and told some day in the future. And that’s the fun of it.

The Weekdays: Weekdays are typically book-ended by the rides across the sealink – Bandra to Worli and Worli to Bandra. In between lie many important things including contemplation of the daily ponderable (workout vs chill out), workout (only if it wins, which is rare), bunch of work, fewer meetings, more conversations, lots of fun, and tallying “stuff” done. I don’t count hours that much. The parts of the day that I most look forward to are where we are in the depths of the business. It could be about creating something new or figuring out the cause of that tiny little problem that has been annoying us. It’s moments like these where the real stuff gets done and that’s where the company gets built. The rest is all a build-up to it.

The Weekend: Work is fun so my weekends generally have many of the ingredients above but the pace is leisurely and the order is random. The one thing that screams weekend for me is the movies. A good movie deserves to be enjoyed in the theatre, and it must be enjoyed with a popcorn bucket and diet coke. And it must be done, otherwise the weekend seems incomplete.

The Toys: My tangle-free phone headset – I used to spend half my day talking on the phone and the remaining half untangling the headset to talk on the phone. My Mac Air. My high speed jump rope (for those days when the workout wins – working out without the jump rope is like playing soccer without the ball).

The Logos: The brands that I am eternally loyal to are Diesel, Thomas Pink, Apple and of course, Quikr.


Article Source – Financial Express

Author: Banasree Purkayastha