Get Set Go Quikrrr With Pranay Chulet – Founder & CEO, Quikr

Only a handful of startups can boast of the coveted unicorn tag today. With the title, however, comes the pressure to excel. We asked Pranay Chulet, Founder and CEO, Quikr, how he manages to handle the pressure of his venture being one of the key players in this space, and took a peek into his past to better understand the roots of his entrepreneurial journey.

Evolution of an Idea from Film-making

The whole thing started when I was busy making an indie film in the US for which I had recruited the entire cast and crew on Craigslist. I had some scenes to shoot in Delhi and while casting for them, I realized there was no dominant platform like Craigslist in India. During my time in the US, I had witnessed up close how Craigslist had disrupted the classifieds market there and felt the need for it in India too.

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