Sell Your Used Cars on Quikr

Selling a used car is easier now. Quikr, being the leading online classified, helps to deal with the selling of your old cars in a quick and easy way.

With the internet, almost anything is possible nowadays- even selling your old car. Long gone are the days when you had to visit a dealer and wait with bated breath for the dealer to accept the car that you want to sell. You also do not need to share a part of the amount that you collect by selling the car with your dealer. Newspaper advertisements were also quite expensive to be put in for selling your old car. But now that the internet is around, you can use Quikr to post ads about your old cars and sell them at a handsome price.

The used cars market is expanding every year with the last fiscal showing a growth of 15 percent for the industry. The previous fiscal years showed growth of around 17 to 19 percent and car makers and dealers expect the growth to be around the same for this year as well. The number of participants has increased because a lot of people require owning two cars for their families and also many first time buyers are resorting to this market in order to skip some classes of cars. For example, instead of settling for a brand new hatchback, they are opting for a used sedan or premium hatchback. And that is why Quikr has Cars as one of its busiest categories.

The organization of the used car market could be thought of as the contributor to this phenomenon. More people are researching into the background of a car before approaching a dealer. They are able to determine the price of a car much before approaching a used car seller so that they can effectively bargain on the car that they want to buy.

The availability of used cars online has increased manifold with the advent of various websites like Quikr. You can now find any kind of car model by simply going online. You can define your searches by adding filters for locations, budget range, make of the car, the type of engine that a car must have, the number of kilometres that the car has been on the road for and also the gear shifting mechanism. Quikr has all the options!

To sell car online, you need to post an ad on Quikr. You have to enter the details of your car such as the year of manufacture, the number of kilometres that you have driven the car for, the brand’s name and model number, the trim of the car, the fuel variant, gear transmission and the kind of ownership of the car. Adding a photograph of your car would also help your cause because people would know exactly what the vehicle looks like and hence contact you accordingly.

Quikr also offers a facility for you to calculate the maximum selling price of a car (MSP). You need to enter your car’s details and find out the maximum selling price that it can fetch. A lot of times car sellers are uninformed about the prices that their used cars can fetch and hence they tend to underquote the amount. This tool would help you know the true worth of your car so that you realize the best amount for the car.

When dealing with buyers of used cars on Quikr, you would have to acknowledge the fact that buyers would haggle with you for a discount on the price quoted by you. There is ample justification for that because buyers would have to get the car serviced and may be change some parts of the car (depending on how old the car is and how you have driven the car). It is up to you whether you want to reduce the price of your car or not. If you do decide to lower the price of your car, don’t go lower than Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 discount on the car as you would lose out a lot on the deal. A bonus for you would be if your car was silver or white in colour as Quikr found these cars are demanded more. You would have fetched a good price on such a used car.

Along with internet, mobile is the craze in today’s generation. Quikr has its own App wherein you can search for a used car or just sell your car within a few clicks. The new Quikr TVC can help you with the same. You can have a look at it here.

There are many people who have sold their cars online and have made successful deals from it. Selling a used car on Quikr is a transparent process from which both buyers and sellers benefit and this is why most people are resorting to selling their cars online.