QuikrCars At Auto Expo 2016 – Your Mobile Can Make Your Car Happen

At Auto Expo 2016, the one car that grabbed the most eyeballs wasn’t in fact, a real car. If you had strolled past the Quikr stall, you would have seen a gaggle of people admiring a car entirely made of mobile phones. 2000 smartphones, no less! Weighing about 190 kgs, the installation was built in Bangalore and then airlifted to Delhi for the Motor Show. Here’s a look at what the folks at Zee Business had to say about it.

Atul Tewari, COO at Quikr, shared a few words about the new brand that we’ve launched i.e. QuikrCars. He further went on to share a very interesting insight – More than 65% of the people who came to sell their car on Quikr, wanted to purchase a new car as well.

Whether you want to buy or sell, QuikrCars is just the place for you. Interested? Check out a wide array of pre-owned cars right here.