The Rise Of The Modern Marketer – Interview with Vineet Sehgal, Chief Marketing Officer, Quikr – Paul Writer

Paul Writer launches The Rise Of The Modern Marketer,

Video interview series of CXO’s highlighting best practices and trends in the use of technology for marketing.

Vineet Sehgal

Chief Marketing Officer


Use of customer analytics in driving a better marketing plan

Customer analytics is actually the core of what we do at Quikr. Every campaign and decision that we take strongly questions the key matrix. So, no campaign goes out without stating the campaign objectives, continuously monitoring it, taking course correction about basing the performance of the campaign and finally, of course evaluating the campaign in its entirety from an overall delivery perspective. For example, we’ve had cases where we’ve cut down certain campaigns or we have removed bits of the campaign based on the performance of a particular campaign or taken up the spents vice-versa where we believe the campaign has delivered a lot. So, we continuously change the channel mix or the media base that we have based on the performance of the campaign.

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