Consultants form an Integral Part of the Recruitment Ecosystem, Says QuikrJobs Head

QuikrJobs Head Amit Jain

A professional resume typed inside a couple of A4 sheets and tucked neatly inside a transparent folder could be considered old school today. New age hiring is all about recruiters building their database using big data analytics, creating social media platforms and crowd-sourcing  data from freelance consultants.

Job portal platforms today need to continuously amend their profile to keep up with emerging trends. QuikrJobs – an arm of an online classifieds platform Quikr—is a platform offering different solutions for Blue Collar, Grey Collar and White Collar jobs across India.

Building the right bridges

Entrepreneur spoke to Amit Jain, Head of QuikrJobs on how the company plans to keeps tabs of emerging trends in 2017. “Over the last 20 years, job portals and social networking sites have been trying to build bridges between job seekers and employers for direct hiring…. An immediate trend we see is the re-imagining of hiring through recruitment consultants. Consultants form an integral part of the recruitment ecosystem and we launched QuikrJobs Pro keeping this in mind,” Amit said.

QuikrJobs recently acquired Hiree to accelerate its growth in the White Collar segment.

Targeting low salary brackets digital platform

Apart from other job hunting portals, social media platforms today pose a strong threat to online to companies like QuikrJobs. Speaking on this, Amit said that the online recruitment space in India is too huge a market for any one player to be able to handle it all.

“There are legacy players and niche platforms but there’s also immense opportunity that is still out there. When we launched QuikrJobs we saw the need to cater to the blue, grey and entry level jobs across India. Historically those in low salary brackets were not targeted by the digital industry and we noticed a significant number of postings on our platform for these jobs…” Amit said.

An XLRI graduate, Amit had previously worked with companies such as Asian Paints, Nokia and Marico.

According to Amit, the current market allows one to explore and allow technology driven innovation in this domain. Keeping this in mind the company aims to focus on bringing better products and solutions to the market for the next financial year.Quikr Jobs recently launched a new platform, QuikrJobsPro, a unique online to offline marketplace that brings together a large number of employers and recruitment consultants to smoothen the hiring process .