It’s party time for bartenders as demand spikes, salaries zoom


Keeping people ‘happy’ with the right kind of mixes is an art only a good bartender can master. The right twist of lemon in a martini or a punch which is personalised to an individual’s taste, is what keeps people coming back to a pub or bar, which makes bartenders key to their success. Demand for bartenders is, however, on a highball in the metros with the mushrooming of pubs and bars which has led to a shortfall of sorts. As a result, bartender salaries too have shot up.

According to QuikrJobs‘ blue-collar job market bulletin, which showcases the demand and supply side of recruitment in the job industry, demand for bartenders recorded a neat 42% jump in December 2016 over the previous month. On the other hand, the rise in demand for a construction labourer or a mechanic was a mere 5% and 1%, respectively.

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