Quikr’s New TV Campaign Showcases Instant Messaging for Users with Quikr Nxt

Quikr, India’s number one classifieds company, today announced the launch of a new TV campaign around the company’s newest product innovation Quikr Nxt, the world’s first instant messenger in the online classifieds space. Following the ten second teaser ads that were launched earlier this month, the Quikr Nxt ads are currently live across digital and major television channels. Created by the team at McCann Erickson, the ads have been directed by Naren Multani

The Quikr Nxt Ad campaign has four advertisements, with each demonstrating a key benefit of the instant messenger service. The campaign addresses user concerns related to online selling such as calls at inconvenient times, fake callers and difficulty in keeping track of all conversations with various buyers.

The first ad shows a man proposing to his girlfriend but keeps getting bombarded with phone calls, in response to his ad for selling his smartphone. The ad showcasing that Quikr Nxt lets users chat instantly and at their convenience.

The second ad shows not only a room covered in post-its (from floor to ceiling) but also a man covered with it. He is on the phone negotiating the rent with a woman, trying to desperately find the price that he had quoted earlier. The ad highlights how easily Quikr Nxt’s chat history can help keep track of multiple conversations between buyers and sellers.

The third ad highlights the petty annoyances that sellers have to face. It shows a man trying to sell his car but falling prey to a prankster, who raise his hopes but dashes it with a fake address. It demonstrates how Quikr Nxt keeps mobile numbers private to avoid their misuse.

The fourth ad in the series shows a woman answering a barrage of questions as she tries to describe her handbag, which she is trying to sell. The ad captures how easy it is to take photos and share it instantly with interested buyers via Quikr Nxt.

Each ad ends with the message, “No Fikar, Chat Quikr”.